How can universities and the news industry work together?

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    Arrived at white city with @SueNorth1 for #bbche event

    Wed, May 02 2012 04:25:25
  2. There often seems to be a gap between what we do at journalism schools and what actually happens in the real world.  So on 2.05.12. the BBC Academy invited journalism lecturers from around the country to throw some ideas around.
    The great thing about bringing a load of journalists together for a conference is that lots of them will live tweet about the event (#bbche) giving the rest of us a chance to eavesdrop without having to get on a train to White City.
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    @SueNorth1 discovering how great iPads are at #BBCHE event!

    Wed, May 02 2012 07:18:48
  4. The discussion played into all my current areas of interest.  I stopped being an actual BBC newsroom broadcast journalist about twelve months ago and have been teaching radio journalism since then so I’m still very much in transition.  I’m forever asking myself whether I’m teaching stuff that is relevant, transferable and applicable to a real-life job in the broadcast industry.  Alongside this, I’m working on a research paper which is looking at how the organisation of newsroom jobs is changing with the advent of social media and how that could/should impact on the skills students are taught at university.
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    Future BBC staff need to be adaptable, mentally agile and able to work in many areas says Lucy Adams, director of Biz Ops, BBC People #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 05:27:57
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    Persevere, watch television, have opinions, ideas, &communicate – employment tips from Pat Younge, chief creative officer, BBC Vision #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 05:33:20
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    Pat Younge asks what is a public b’caster when all can b’cast. Adds that essays have a place: they teach you to structure argument 🙂 #BBCHE

    Wed, May 02 2012 05:35:58
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    Attitude, agility, flexibility… ability to challenge… IDEAS… talents BBC looking for #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 05:39:38
  9. David Docherty is the Chief Executive of the Council for Industry and Higher Education but he’s held many top-level jobs in media organisations.  He was the BBC’s first director of new media Deputy Managing Director of TV.  His talk looked into the role a university education should play in the development of future workers in the media industry.
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    David Docherty Universities about learning how to learn. Skills will be defunct. #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 05:55:21
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    Docherty: need leaders, not employees. Grads need to learn how to learn, be interdisciplinary and lead interdiscipline teams #BBCHE

    Wed, May 02 2012 05:56:11
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    Docherty: collaborative working is not a soft skill (take note @JUS_News) #BBCHE

    Wed, May 02 2012 06:00:07
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    Docherty: expertise is more important than skills. A skill is a repeatable process, expertise is application of theory to practice #BBCHE

    Wed, May 02 2012 06:03:21
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    Lots of nods around room as David Docherty tells #bbche what industry wants from graduates: expertise, flexibility, international outlook

    Wed, May 02 2012 06:13:42
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    Need for students to learn ‘how to think’, not just get skills, a recurring theme at BBC uni open day #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 06:43:58
  16. Next up, the head of the BBC’s College of Journalism, Jonathan Baker.  He was the Deputy Head of Newsgathering for BBC News prior to this appointment so he was particularly interested in how students should be prepared for the real world of journalism.
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    Baker: new entrants to journalism must be familiar with the changing way newsrooms work #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 07:20:10
  18. Donna Taberer is the Head of the BBC’s College of Production.   That’s part of the BBC Academy and the sister site of the College of Journalism.
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    Taberer: youneed the confidence to be shot down and shot down again #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 07:29:44
  20. I second that!  It hurts though.

    Sandy Smith looks after the One Show at the BBC.  Camilla Lewis joined the independent media production company, Cineflix, about a year ago.  They’re both looking for people with a bit of flair that makes them stand out from the crowd.
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    What we look for in new recruits – curious, sceptical, team players, ideas, make props with scissors and glue – Sandy Smith #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 08:04:25
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    Smith: wants life experience in grads; Lewis: watch our output and critique it. Have something to say. Passion, drive and interest #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 08:06:46
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    Not an industry for introverts – Camilla Lewis, Cineflix #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 08:07:21
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    Degrees in history or sciences would be useful for job on The One Show #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 08:12:41
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    There is a hunger and a need for new ways of telling stories, says Lewis #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 08:16:03
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    We’re becoming a very white and middle-class industry – Camilla Lewis, Cineflix #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 08:17:14
  27. Those are difficult things to “teach.”  Universities need to encourage those attributes, make students aware that these are areas they can develop and provide opportunities for students to innovate.
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    Lewis: worry about the story, not making it look glossy #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 08:27:35
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    It’s all about the story. it’s only about the story – Camilla Lewis #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 08:28:11
  30. Huw Edwards looks very dapper on stage.  Were all the speakers this smart?
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    RT @BBCRecruitment: #bbche event is drawing to a close, hope you found the tweets informative, here’s a pic from earlier of Huw Edwards Q&A

    Wed, May 02 2012 12:25:32
  32. Huw Edwards now presents the 10 o’clock news on BBC 1 amongst other things!  That explains his smart suit, I guess.  He’s a great advocate of good writing skills and has produced training modules on the subject for the BBC’s College of Journalism website.  So it was no surprise that this was the core of his message to journalism teachers.
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    Huw Edwards: Core journalistic skills haven’t changed despite more competitive, challenging and complex world #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 09:38:25
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    Huw Edwards: You must be capable of clear, concise, accurate writing #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 09:42:05
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    Have we lost the core skills in the drive to master technology? Huw Edwards objects to poor writing and ‘crappy running orders’ #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 09:45:25
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    Huw Edwards: need to start with a clear sense of what makes a good story. Can you write, make a journalistic judgement? Be curious? #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 09:46:58
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    Huw Edwards: don’t get too excited by the technical stuff #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 09:48:18
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    “@TheBBCAcademy: 12 out of 14 candidates in a recent job interview didn’t know who Neil Kinnock is, says Huw Edwards: know your news #bbche”

    Wed, May 02 2012 09:49:18
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    Huw Edwards: there’s a real skill in writing a 4 second headline that tells the story #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 09:50:55
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    Very entertaining talk from Huw Edwards. If he ever stops reading the news, a career in comedy beckons. #BBCHE @huwbbc

    Wed, May 02 2012 09:56:05
  41. Yay, MediaCity – the home of newness – gets beamed into the conference room!
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    Matt Allwright talks to Mark Harrison in Salford. Can’t put a number on graduate opps at Salford #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 10:21:55
  43. Mark Harrison is the Controller of Production at BBC North.  What does that mean?  He works on the strategy of how programme content is produced – what services, facilities and technologies are required, how should they be delivered and what working practices should be put in place.  Big job.
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    Harrison: wants people who are comfortable with organisations other than the BBC #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 10:22:53
  45. So that’s what the industry leaders had to say.  But what about the latest recruits to the BBC – the ex-BBC trainees?  What advice do they have for the educators and their would-be future colleagues?
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    RT @BBCTrainees: Our trainees on stage with Matt Allwright for #BBCHE

    Thu, May 03 2012 05:34:56
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    Some very talented (ex) trainees being interviewed by @simonsmithster. More details on all schemes: #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 11:13:45
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    Wise words from one BBC former trainee: it’s not always the best people that get the work – put yourself out there #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 11:22:23
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    @marjon_media BBC trainees said working on their student magazine gave them invaluable experience. Get involved. #bbche

    Wed, May 02 2012 11:28:24
  50. So, plenty of thought-provoking stuff.  I’m really interested to know if any of the universities attending the conference have gone back and started making changes to their courses.
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    Fantastic to see so many Unis at #bbche day today. Great feedback, lively debate, and interesting speakers. Let’s keep the conversation live

    Wed, May 02 2012 15:02:44
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    Great day at #BBCHE. Top tip is be determined and network as much as you can. Thanks for the event

    Wed, May 02 2012 12:52:17

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