Recording audio with iPhone – tips from the pro!

Nick Garnett is BBC 5Live’s North of England correspondent and an iPhone pioneer. These days, he works in the field almost exclusively using an iPhone. I recently saw that he recommended using an ordinary windshield on the iPhone’s internal mic. Does this really work?

  1. @nicholasgarnett Does an ordinary 50mm windshield really make big diff on iPhone? Just stretch it over the end?
  2. @LizHannaford yes. It’s great – better on 4/4s because the headphone cable is on the far end away from mic
  3. @LizHannaford it rolls off top end, eliminates all really bad wins noise and also makes it look a bit more like a mic for ppl being iv’d.
  4. I’d not thought about that. Does anybody else find that some interviewees take you less seriously because you’re using an iPhone rather than a stand alone piece of kit? Interesting point.

    Nick was speaking to me from Todmorden where he was reporting on a slaughterhouse which had been raided by FSA officials following the horse meat scandal.
  5. In Todmorden for #horsemeat (not to buy it, to report on it!). On R4 and @bbc5live (plus 1 o’clock tv) ALL at same time. The magic of radio
  6. @nicholasgarnett That’s great! Thanks. Sounding good from Todmorden, btw. iPhone?
  7. @LizHannaford yes but w/o windshield! Biggest problem is I keep losing them! Voxes recorded, edited, filed on Voddio & live on 3G luci.
  8. Ah, there’s always a catch…

    Still, he’s definitely convinced me to try a windshield. I’m still not happy about using an external mic (kinda defeats the object of using an iPhone?) but I’m also concerned about the noise problem when you use the internal mic outside. The windshield – if I can keep hold of it – could be the answer.
  9. @LizHannaford this is why we should just use iPhones as they are w/o mics. this is a

  10. Here’s the monstrosity Nick refers to.
  11. @LizHannaford & from an interviewers pov too: a mic is seen as part of iv process but intimacy of no mic = v honest & revealing iviews
  12. We seem to have started something here. Another 5Live reporter joins the discussion!
  13. @LizHannaford indeed, tho as @nicholasgarnett points out people are far more comfortable w an iPhone in front of them.
  14. @LizHannaford also allows much faster filing of material than even w a radiocar or on wifi for BBC. Cc @nicholasgarnett
  15. @rowanbridge @nicholasgarnett Intimacy v professionalism? Would some people equally see iPhone as amateurish?
  16. In the meantime, do read Nick’s excellent blog, full of practical advice and experimentation for audio reporters on the go.
    And thank you very much to Nick for taking the time to answer my question.

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