About this blog

I was a radio news journalist at the BBC – mainly at World Service – for twenty years and loved it. Now those skills and contacts are taking me in new directions I never imagined, such as teaching journalism at the University of Salford.

I thought this blog was going to be about that transition from doing journalism to teaching journalism and there is still an element of that in here.

But I find myself spending more and more time exploring the techy end of journalism and thinking about the skills the next generation of journalists will need.

So the main question I find myself pondering these days is whether it’s possible for a “non-techy” like me to become technical by sheer force of will.  And can I enthuse other people to take the journey with me?

This blog is where I find out.  I talk about my efforts to learn to code, to get primary school children having fun at after-school code clubs and to get wannabe journalists to realise that the profession is becoming increasingly tech-heavy whether they like it or not.

I realise I’m never going to be the journo-programmer I’d love to be.

It’s too late for me.

Save yourselves!


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